Welcome to Vintage Computer Center, where we help keep yesterday’s computers still useful and fun today! 

Vintage Computer Center is home to the SDrive-MAX, making hundreds of drives for Atari users worldwide since 2018.

We have a growing list of vintage computer-related products and are always looking for something new to share with the community. We also after custom 3D printing services for people wishing to try out their designs.

Latest Posts

  • A Conversation with Scott Adams
    Please join us for a fun and entertaining walk down memory lane with the legendary adventure game creator Scott Adams! Hear what started it all…
  • A Conversation with David Murry (The 8-Bit Guy)
    The well-known YouTube star, David Murry, better known as the 8-Bit Guys joins us to talk about his love for vintage computers as well as…
  • A Conversation with Bill Mensch
    This month, the Old Computer Geeks Club has a conversation with one of the creators of the famous 6502 CPU, Bill Mensch! This is a…

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