The SDrive-MAX is an Arduino based floppy disk and cassette drive emulator for the Atari 8-bit range of computers.

The SDrive-MAX is a modern solution to the old problem of not enough disk space on your Atari 8bit computer. SDrive-MAX is a floppy drive emulator that emulates up to 4 physical floppy drives and one tape drive. Store thousands of floppy drive images on a single micro SD card that loads just like the original floppy did.

The SDrive-MAX comes with a large touch-screen display, a 16GB micro SD card, an external power supply for maximum flexibility, and a stylus for easy control. SDrive-MAX can get power from the SIO cable, but we include an external power supply for the original 800/400 computers that do not supply power fast enough to the SDrive-MAX to boot from it. You can also load CAS images using the SDrive-MAX since it also emulates the old tape drives used in the ’80s.

Supports “ATR”, “ATX”, “CAS”, “COM”, “BIN”, “EXE”, “XEX”, “XFD”, “TAP”, “IMG” images.

SDrive-MAX Files