ACE-80 80 Column Cartridge

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ACE-80 is a software-generated eighty column display device for Atari computers.

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ACE-80 is a software-generated eighty column display device for Atari computers.

It uses Atari’s video hardware to display eighty remarkably legible characters across the screen. A monochrome monitor provides the Clearest display, but ACE-80 is usable with color monitors and quality B&W and color TVs. ACE-80 provides an economical alternative to eighty column boards, which are available only for the Atari 8OO. It is recommended that you have a video upgrade on your system such as UAV, Sophia, or the Super Color CPU Card for the best video quality.

ACE-80 automatically installs itself in the Atari operating system in place of the E: and S: devices, the standard forty column screen editor, and display. It uses about 12K of RAM when active but gives up that RAM when other screen modes are used. The cartridge itself does not displace any RAM.

ACE-80 comes in two versions. ACE-8OXL is a left cartridge that works in all Atari computers (400/600XL/800/B800XL/1200XL/130XE] with at least 48K RAM. It can work with BASIC if BASIC is built into the machine (60OXL/800XL/130XE models). The right cartridge version, ACE-8O, is only for the Atari 800. It allows BASIC to be available in the left slot.


To save on costs we have decided to no include paper documentation. Please download the PDF documentation for your reference.

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ACE-80, ACE-80XL


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