Sys-Check V2.2 Standard (for XL and XE)

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Troubleshoot Atari XE and XL Computers with the Sys-Check V2.2 diagnostic cartridge. This is also an easy way to add more memory without opening the case!

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The Sys-Check V2.2 external device offers these significant functions: 

  • Diagnostic tool for dead computers without the need to open the case 
  • External OS (operating system) switcher (the user can select up to four OS.) 
  • You can also put any standard ROM or EPROM containing Atari OS (s) in the DIP socket at Sys-Check’s PCB. 
  • External 512 KB Standard memory expansion using “RAMBO “scheme 
  • All future updates of the diagnostic tools can be quickly flashed into the Flashchip with an easy-to-use flash tool using your Atari XL or XE 

Attention: Sys-Check needs to run any XL computer with a PBI interface (all 600 XL and 800XL, but not the 1200XL) or any XE with ECI (800XE, 130XE, some 65XE, but not the XEGS). Some (mostly NTSC) XE models do not have an ECI port, so Sys-Check will not work with these machines. 



Produced by Juergen van Radecke (tfhh)

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