576K SRAM Memory Expansion for the Atari 600XL

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A simple and easy-to-install 576K memory expansion solution for the Atari 600XL computer.

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A simple and easy to install 576K memory expansion solution for the Atari 600XL computer. The 600XL was typically underpowered to do much of anything; this expansion provides the memory needed to get the most out of your 600XL. 

This solution expands your Atari 600XL computer in two ways: 

  • You get 64K main/base memory so that all programs made for the 800XL etc., will also work correctly. 
  • Enables your Atari 600XL to watch the newest demos or play the actual homebrew games, which often requires more than the 64K main memory of the machine by adding an additional 512K banked, expanded memory 


  • No need to drill holes for switches; it is software configured. 
  • Typically, all chips at the Atari 600XL mainboard are in sockets, so installing the 576 KB SRAM memory expansion is straightforward. 
  • Just pull off the ANTIC chip, place my PCB in the ANTIC socket, and put the ANTIC chip at the top of my PCB.
  • Only three wires must be soldered; the needed cable is included.
  • No need to remove the RF modulator any more! 

After power on, the 512 KB “RAMBO “mode is active. This mode should fit all your needs in 99% of all use cases. You can switch to 256 KB Compy-Shop mode (with separated ANTIC and CPU access) or switch the whole expansion off for some rare programs. These setting remains active until you power off the computer, a cold-start without power cycling won’t change the settings.

This SRAM based 576 KB memory expansion “600XL” typically works in all Atari XL, XE, and XEGS computers, but it’s mainly made (size & fit) for the Atari 600XL! 



  • Installation services are available for this product, and all other upgrades we offer. Contact Us for more details.

Produced by Juergen van Radecke (tfhh)

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