SDrive-MAX SIO Mod PCB Ver 1.0

USD $16.99

SIO Modification PCB for SDrive-MAX Ver 1.0.



The SIO Modification PCB will allow SDrive-MAX units to function with physical drives or other SIO devices on the SIO chain.

This PCB comes fully populated with resistors, IC and header pins already mounted to the circuit board.

Not for the novice user, you must be comfortable soldering this daughter PCB onto the Arduino UNO as well headers onto Arduino.


  • Header Pins for LED Activity Light.
  • Header Pins for LED Power Light.
  • Header Pins for Power Select Switch (External power or SIO power).
  • Header Pins for SIO Cable.
  • All surface mount components for better space management inside the drive.


You must use the Arduino UNO like the one in the image below. This board must be attached to the Arduino using the ISCP header as well as the first two rows of headers next to the ISCP header in order to function.  If you have another style, Arduino, you might be able to use this PCB but you will have to run wires between the proper connections on the Arduino to this board.

*Does not include Arduino UNO, only daughter PCB


Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × .5 in


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